Pick & Place


The combined Pick & Place depanner/de-lidder is the ideal machine for lidded and open top bread in high-output industrial lines.


Pans with lids and bread enter the depanner on a pan conveyor. A vertical moving head with grippers removes the lid from the pan. The head then lifts up and moves sideways to put the lids on the lids return conveyor. At the same time, a vacuum head positions over the unlidded bread, lowers and picks it out of the pan with suction cups. Then the vacuum head goes up and sideways to the opposite direction of the lid return conveyor to put the bread on the product discharge conveyor. The de-lidding head automatically positions above the next lidded pan with bread and the entire cycle starts again.


  • Lidded and Open Top Pan Bread
  • Hearth Bread on Sheets
  • Rolls


  • Long lifetime
  • Machine can handle both lidded and open top products
  • Quick product changeover and easy cleaning
  • Product-friendly depanning
  • Low noise level

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel execution
  • De-lidder easily put in/out operation
  • Vacuum head with quick release system for suction plate
  • Programmable height adjustment
  • Inner insulation filter unit