Provident Series


The Provident Depanner is totally washdown IP69K. We have designed and built the next generation of inline depanner systems that will change the industry, forever. This video shows the latest innovation offered by our Provident Depanner.


Welcome a giant leap in depanner technology, the Provident Series, offering a complete washdown system for the conveyor, depanner and vacuum chamber; JSD auto vacuum control; remote low profile vacuum module; and works-in-a-drawer vacuum blower/motor accessibility.

 The Provident is built to meet:

  • FDA, USDA and ANSI 50.2 standards!
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety!
  • Vacuum chamber and conveyor system IP69K Washdown rating!

No one else in the industry offers one.

Vacuum Chamber Standard Features

  • Smooth, sleek futuristic design conforming to NSF/ANSI/3A standards
  • IP69K rated electrical components and stainless IP69K gear motors
  • Easily cleanable, no tools required to remove belt
  • Vacuum belt is FDA rated
  • Easy access to all components and replaceable parts when necessary
  • All panels and guards can easily be removed for cleanability
  • All rotating members, such as drive sprockets or belt pulleys, are solid or filled with dye and hermetically sealed
  • No fastener penetrations into hollow tube construction and all fasteners in blind tapped holes are sealed
  • COP (clean out of place) or CIP (clean in place) for complete sanitary cleaning
  • All internal corners and angles have a smooth and continuous radius
  • Easily removable / replaceable grate design
  • Food grade lubrication

Pan and Product Conveyor Standard Features

  • HMI is IP69K rated
  • Threaded leg adjustments are internal and do not penetrate the tube frame members
  • Connections are gasket or on stand-offs
  • UHMW snap fit wear strips easily removable
  • Smooth, sanitary conveyor design conforms to NSF/ANSI/3A standards
  • No roller chains, rather FDA rated timing belts
  • All stainless steel construction design
  • All sprockets and wear strips are captured on shafts to eliminate the need for hardware (i.e., shaft collars and rail clips are FDA rated materials)
  • IP69K rated electrical components and stainless IP69K gear motors

Blower Module Standard Features

  • Slope top (3°) for easy clean
  • Ground level accessibility to filter
  • All ductwork piping is all stainless steel with one touch clamping device for vacuum and exhaust systems
  • UHMW snap fit wear strips easily removable
  • Roll out blower design
  • Easy access to motor. Complete assembly for quick change out
  • Easy belt replacement
  • Easy access to blower assembly for inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy access to air conditioner to allow quick filter replacement
  • No touch quick coupling connection filter box to blower
  • Blower has inspection cover for washing and drainage bung
  • Capway replacement blower assembly / rebuild / renew


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Small footprint saves valuable floor space
  • Blower module can be placed remotely up to 40 feet (12 meters) away from the vacuum head allowing for space flexibility
  • Depanner head can be placed over existing conveyors
  • Can be used in wash-down applications


  • Vacuum Cup Cleaner – Cleans inside of retainer
    while running
  • Seed Containment Unit – Complete with hood,
    height adjustment, air jets and crumb drawer or drum
  • Menu Set-up – Adjusts vacuum chamber height, tilt, product discharge height, speed, pan guides, and vacuum pressure to preset settings. Can be controlled from external signal or from preset menu selections
  • Available Belt Widths – 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48” depending on model and application