Model 2000


The Model 2000 Depanner is the ideal machine for inline depanning of bread, rolls, bagels, croissants, pizza and other specialty products.


Pans with baked goods enter the Depanner and are metered back to system rate by means of a metering belt integrated within the Depanner (except Depanner with Delidder option). An air jet assembly mounted in front of the vacuum chamber loosens the product from the pan (if needed) prior to entering the depanning area. As the pans enter the depanning area they are held down by magnets mounted within the pan conveyor. At the same time, the product is removed by vacuum cups which are mounted on a vacuum belt. A large radius vacuum chamber is used for gentle depanning of the product. A product discharge conveyor mounted within the Depanner frame supports the product as it is being released from cups and conveys the product to the cooler infeed conveyors.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame construction.
  • Cantilevered vacuum head for easy belt removal.
  • Quick release tension on vacuum belt.
  • Six air jets complete with thumb screw, horizontal and vertical adjustment, filter/regulator and activation sensor. Air jet location depends on application.
  • Fingertip motorized height adjustment on vacuum chamber.
  • Pivotal vacuum chamber adjustment to adjust the tilt of the chamber.
  • Built-in pan conveyor complete with magnetic pan metering conveyor and pan guides.
  • Built-in product conveyor complete with height adjustment.
  • High volume vacuum system.
  • Fingertip motorized adjustment for vacuum pressure.
  • Vacuum pressure gauge.
  • Removable air filter. Filters out crumbs from airflow before entering the blower, thus eliminating costly ventilator cleaning.
  • Stainless steel sound dampening panels.
  • Self-contained electrical panel and controls (stainless steel panel enclosures). Variable speed (USA models).


  • Vacuum Cup Cleaner – Cleans inside of retainer while running.
  • Seed Containment Unit – Complete with hood, height adjustment, air jets and crumb drawer or drum.
  • Cyclone Separator – Provides additional air filtration. Recommended when running heavily seeded products.
  • Built-in Magnetic De-lidder – Complete with height adjustment, magnets, drive motor and controls.
  • Menu Set-up – Adjusts vacuum chamber height, tilt, product discharge height, speed, pan guides, vacuum pressure and de-lidder height to preset settings. Can be controlled from external signal or from preset menu selections.
  • Available Belt Widths – 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″ depending on model and application.
  • Depending on product application, Capway carries a full line of vacuum belts, retainers, belt and vacuum cups to suit any product need.