Intralox Side-Drive


Side-Drive technology is a unique drive system that can engage the belt in the carryway and returnway. With Side-Drive technology, you have the freedom to run a single belt for long distances without transfers.


Are you burdened by transfer-related problems that compromise production uptime? Does product orientation and quality suffer due to excessive transfer points? Would you like to eliminate problematic transfers altogether?

This new technology allows customers to combine multiple turns, inclines, and straight runs – all on one continuous conveyor belt. Because Side-Drive blocks are designed for use with Intralox modular plastic conveyor belts, the maintenance, contamination, and lubrication problems experienced with metal belts are eliminated.


  • Prevent product tippage
  • Prevent product miss-orientation such as flipping and turning
  • Improve product quality by avoiding back pressure at the eliminated transfer points

I-Drive technology can be applied to existing conveyors or a new installation and can be used anywhere a product needs to be conveyed over long distances. Typical examples include:

  • Hot product from depanner to cooler
  • Cold product from cooler to wrap room
  • Cooler
  • Wrap room to metal detector
  • Bun pan coolers from proofer to oven
  • Any general dry product handling application