Capway DEFP Filtration System


The Filtration System is a Depanner option | Capway Automation


The Capway DEFP (Depanner External Fine-Particulate) Filtration system was developed to eliminate the flour dust and light particulate not removed from the vacuum air stream as it passes through a standard Cyclone Separator prior to the vacuum blower of a Capway Depanning system.

Standard Features

  • The DEFP filtration system takes the place of the cyclone separator that is currently in-line with our depanning systems.
  • The DEFP filtration system is a Jet Pulse Filter system that is specifically designed to operate in a vacuum operation. As extra fine particulate collects on the filters within the system, the reverse jet pulse blast removes the particulate from the filters where it drops down into the hopper below.
  • The DEFP filtration system contains polyester felt that is a hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-static filter media that resists absorption of oils from sesame seeds or other product toppings containing oils. It also aids in filter dust release.
  • The DEFP filtration system utilizes stainless steel construction including: dust collector, hopper with removable/portable collection bin and gate valve to facilitate the tote removal during operation.
  • The vacuum ducting is round, stainless steel with gasketed clamp connections for ease of sanitation removal and reduction of static electricity.