Capway offers a variety of standard bakery depanning technologies to automate your current facility. Or make your new facility highly efficient.

Capway DEFP Filtration System

Description The Filtration System is a Depanner option | Capway Automation Details The Capway DEFP (Depanner External Fine-Particulate) Filtration system was developed to eliminate the flour dust and light particulate not removed from the vacuum air stream as it passes through a standard Cyclone Separator prior to the vacuum blower of a Capway Depanning system.

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Provident Series

Description The Provident Depanner is totally washdown IP69K. We have designed and built the next generation of inline depanner systems that will change the industry, forever. This video shows the latest innovation offered by our Provident Depanner. Details Welcome a giant leap in depanner technology, the Provident Series, offering a complete washdown system for the conveyor, depanner and vacuum chamber; JSD auto vacuum Continue reading

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The scrabble depanner is the ideal machine for in-line, gentle depanning of rolls and other delicate products from flat baking trays without the use of a vacuum.

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Pick & Place

The combined Pick & Place depanner/de-lidder is the ideal machine for lidded and open top bread in high-output industrial lines.

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Model 2000

The Model 2000 Depanner is the ideal machine for inline depanning of bread, rolls, bagels, croissants, pizza and other specialty products.

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