The JSD Auto Vacuum Control is a Capway Depanner option.


The auto vacuum control is optional to the Capway Depanner line. This system allows the operator to select a vacuum set point in the product recipe screen on the Depanner HMI that is appropriate for the product that is being de-panned. The auto vacuum control system automatically maintains the vacuum set point by controlling the operation of the vacuum main gate valve in conjunction with the depanner chamber slide gate valve to maintain the selected proper vacuum on the chamber during the product depanning operation.

Standard Features

  • Maintains optimum vacuum for first product pick up
  • Maintains optimum vacuum during operation
  • Reduces soft product vacuum cup marking
  • Aids in difficult product depanning lift
  • Interfaces directly with existing Depanner with Auto Adjust System (option)
  • Pressure transducer input to PLC
  • Easily cleaned tubular steel construction
  • Integrated into existing control panel system
  • Field Installation by qualified technician required


  • HIM Interface Control
  • Product Recipe Driven
  • Vacuum Chamber Transducer Monitoring