Hearth Scrabble


The Capway Hearth Scrabble Oven Loader ensures a reliable way of transferring delicate products from peelboards onto the oven hearth.


The peels carrying proofed dough pieces are conveyed from the proofer discharge (grouper or manual load station) onto the loader infeed conveyor until the conveyor is full. The wing and help roller assemblies are lowered and start to travel towards the oven hearth at a pre-determined speed, thus removing the dough from the board onto the wing of the scrabbler. As the nibbler carriage continues to travel forward (the nose is raised up) toward the oven or pre-loader, where after confirming available space, the nose is lowered and the wing travel is reversed, thus depositing the product on the pre-loader at a pre-determined speed. This will prevent the dough from stretching or being compressed.

The carriage will continue its reverse travel, raise the wing after the product is deposited on the oven hearth, and return to its home position. Meanwhile, the empty boards are discharged and new boards are fed on the loader infeed conveyor. Photo-eyes and sensors are included as safeties to check for peelboard and product placement in the system.

Note: The loader can be programmed to leave the wing in the up position in case products need to be turned over prior to depositing on the pre-loader or oven belt.


  • Artisan Baguettes
  • Ciabatta
  • Pavé
  • Petits Pains


  • Gentle transfer of delicate products
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Optimum belt steering
  • Easy cleaning
  • For reliable feeding of small products

Standard Features

  • Sharp scrabble nose
  • Frame completely in stainless steel
  • Scrabble belt driven with multiple chains
  • Free space above the floor
  • Driven upper roller with/without wire mesh belt