At Capway Automation we are committed to updating you on our organizational operational capabilities during this period so that you can plan as well. We realize that as we face the uncertainty created by the coronavirus (COVID-19), protecting the health and well-being of our staff members and customers is our top priority. Capway Automation is addressing many of the same challenges that our customers may be facing. We are actively monitoring news and reports from the state and local health agencies, and taking proactive steps to help ensure our staff stays healthy and we maintain our ability to provide our customers with uninterrupted high-quality service.

Updated Monday March 30, 2020:

Capway Automation manufacturing and spare parts distribution continue to operate at normal levels. There have been no reported cases of the Coronavirus within our organization and we are taking an aggressive approach with health management precautions in our facilities.

• All our suppliers and logistics partners continue to operate as usual and we are not projecting any disruptions in the future at this time. To date, outbound customer shipments have not been impacted.

Ongoing Precautions:

• We have increased awareness of personal hygiene and cleaning processes in our facilities and are requiring social distancing as a precaution.

• We have notification systems that allow us to monitor employee travel history and exposure risk within our operation.

• We have tested our IT network and verified the ability for critical resources to work from home successfully.

• We have implemented an employee/contractor/visitor screening process to prevent risk of exposure.

We are here to help!

• We are in a strong position to assist you with your equipment and/or parts needs you may encounter with other manufacturers globally.

• Our global resources allow us to leverage multiple supply lines, distribution and product solutions for our customers.

• Please do not hesitate to contact our sales and service teams to find out how we can be of service to you.

Effective Monday March 23, 2020:

Capway Automation has added the following guidelines to our COVID-19 update.

• Capway Automation is currently fully operational in supporting the food manufacturing industry with needed equipment and parts.

• Capway employees are practicing essential social distancing at our facility at all times.

• Our Safety & Health team is sanitizing all necessary surfaces withing our facilities on a regular basis.

• A travel ban is in effect for all employees with the exception of emergency operation breakdown service required by our customers.

Effective Wednesday March 18, 2020:

Capway Automation has added the following guidelines to our CIVID-19 update.

• Capway Vendors/Customer meetings are limited to the use telephonic communication or video conferencing only. If exception for a plant visit is required it must be preapproved by the Capway Health & Safety Committee.

• All preapproved visitors to Capway are required to complete and pass a vendor declaration form prior to entering the Capway facility. These declaration forms are located at the 725 Vogelsong Road main office. (No visitors will be allowed without formal appointment and approved declaration form).

Effective Tuesday March 17, 2020:

• Capway Automation Inc. design, fabrication, spare parts operations are fully operational. We have our normal inventory of spare parts and fabrication capabilities to support our customers.

• Our raw materials supply chain is currently stable. We have not identified any production materials sourcing issues that will impact our ability to support our customers.

• We want to assure our customers that we are continuing to work for you. A majority of the Capway workforce has remote technology capabilities that allow us to work off-site. This will enable people to take the necessary precautions to stay healthy and meet our customer’s needs.

• Our customers can still connect with us via email or phone 24/7 as usual for their equipment, service, and parts needs. • Our Parts and service team members are continuously able to respond. We have organized ourselves so these experts can operate remotely from home as necessary during the current period of uncertainty.

• Of course, the situation is changing every week. Our current operations are subject to contingencies that we may not control or anticipate. This may affect our timeliness. We will update you if the situation changes.

• With these precautions in place, our staff will continue to provide the uninterrupted, excellent service that you have come to expect from us. We are committed to serving our customers as this rapidly moving situation evolves. We appreciate your confidence in Capway’s ability to serve you.

Please check back to this website for future updates: