Capway’s Provident Sets New Standard for Food Safety and Sanitation in Depanning

Capway Automation’s new Provident Depanner marks an unprecedented advance in depanner technology thanks to complete washdown capabilities for the depanner, vacuum chamber and conveyor. Watch the video now!

The Provident is built to meet FDA, USDA, and ANSI 50.2 standards, as well as the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. Its vacuum chamber and conveyor system both carry an IP69K washdown rating.

Clearly, this is a major step to the next level – a significant game-changer. “The Provident establishes a new industry standard for food safety and sanitation in depanning,” says Bob Harrington, Capway Automation’s vice president of sales. “As Bakery Industry standards move closer and closer to the FDA and USDA codes, this depanner takes you exactly where the industry has to go.”

Harrington said it was a tremendous undertaking for his Capway team. “We had to eliminate every place where water could pool or microbiological growth could occur, so the Provident depanner frame features round tubing, with no hard corners and no squared-off edges. The technology has no holes, no openings. Even the hollow bore in the trunnion mount is tapered so no water pools.”

Instead of sitting on top of the depanner, the blower module is a rollout unit, simplifying servicing and cleaning. Sanitation and “cleanability” are reflected throughout, from its sloped top surface to its sealed stainless steel bearings.

The depanner itself is accessible and simple to clean thanks to USDA castors for easy portability. Stainless steel actuators are accessible, easy to clean, sealed and IP69-rated.  Attention to detail is reflected in the way the drums are welded solid to the drive pulley, as well as in the FDA washdown-certified polyplastic bushings.

Even the pan conveyor is fully washdown, thanks to a range of components including round tubing and spacers, sloped feet, stainless standoffs and stainless covers. Plus, it features a new magnetic belt by Intralox that requires less hp because it produces less drag.

For more information on the Provident, the first release in a planned series, call Capway at (717) 843-0003.