Business Journal Tells Capway Automation Story

biz_journal_storyCentral Penn Business Journal Editor Joel Berg recently devoted his weekly column to the birth of Capway Automation and the “two arduous years” that preceded its arrival.

Berg details how five local buyers – employees of York-based Capway Systems – doggedly pursued ownership, despite numerous hurdles.

As Keith Shoff, Capway Automation president and CEO, told Berg, “We never gave up hope or striving to make it happen. But up until Nov. 2, when we had them at the table and had the papers signed, I didn’t think it was going to happen.”

Shoff and his four partners believe in the product and believe in the York company’s team of associates. Business is profitable here, even if it wasn’t at sister locations on the other side of the Atlantic. And all five believe in the company’s potential for growth.

Click to read the story, titled, “Partners bake new life into York manufacturer.”