Capway acquires European sister company.

YORK, PA – Capway Automation, Inc., York, PA, is alive and well and poised to become stronger than ever.

That is the message from the management team, which Wednesday completed the acquisition of Capway Holdings International USA, Capway Systems Inc., and the intellectual property of Capway Systems Netherlands, which declared bankruptcy in March of 2015.

The management team consists of Keith C. Shoff, president and CEO; Robert H. Harrington, vice president, sales & marketing; Lori Rhine, vice president of finance and CFO; Scott Swaltek, P.E., vice president, engineering; and Dan Crabill, vice president, manufacturing. Details of the purchase agreement were not disclosed.

Capway Automation is a global corporation whose management team alone represents over 100 years of experience in the baking equipment and food product handling and automation industries.

According to Shoff, the acquisition makes clear that, “For our core customers, we are not only continuing our strong tradition of taking on challenges our competitors won’t and delivering innovative solutions, but we’re taking that tradition to the next level. And for the industry at large, we will now be able to grow our vision and become a more viable supplier of our American-made products to a broader range of customers.”

The acquisition comprises all of Capway Systems Netherlands’ intellectual property, including trademarks, patents, and drawings, which Shoff said, “will allow us to support all Capway customers throughout the world.”

Capway Automation employs nearly 50 people in its two York, PA, facilities, where, since 1983, it has brought a singular degree of innovation and customization to bakery and food handling systems. Their line ranges from single-line conveyors and equipment to fully automated high-speed systems, including the automatic storage and retrieval of baking pans and lids.

The acquisition will have a positive impact on the size of its York, PA, workforce.

And it should bring peace of mind to Capway’s existing customers. “They can rest assured that they will continue to get what they need to improve their operation,” Harrington said, adding, “And they can sleep even better knowing that if they’re suddenly down at 3 o’clock in the morning, we will be on the other end of the line ready to provide the support they need.”

Capway was the first company to introduce robotics to the baking industry, and its vacuum depanners are recognized worldwide for superior quality and performance.

The members of the management team will also serve as the company’s operating officers.