The Team

It’s always nice to see who you are partnering with.  The following is the short list – from our full group of associates – of the very talented, capable, self-motivated team that can always find a smart solution to your equipment needs.

Bob Harrington

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Favorite Inspirational Quote: The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it. Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Theodore Roosevelt as he was an inspiration leader for all. Favorite Sports Team: NY Yankees. Most Embarrassing Moment: Life is too short to have embarrassing moments, so live life to the fullest. Favorite Band: Beatles, Wings, Paul McCartney... get the picture?


Jim Gray

VP of Operations

Nickname: Jimmy. Favorite Pastime: Coaching football / baseball. Favorite Inspirational Quote: To parade and reinforce the behaviors you want others to emulate. Favorite Travel Spot: Anywhere with family. Favorite Band: Aerosmith. Favorite Sports Team: Ohio State football.


Daniel S. Deacon

Inside Sales, Parts Sales - Semi Retired

Nickname: Deac. Favorite Food: Steamed Shrimp. Least Favorite or Most Awkward Job: Roofer. Favorite Movie: Cool Hand Luke. Favorite Sport: Golf. Favorite Sports Team: The Pittsburgh Steelers.


Paul Craley

Project Manager

Favorite Pastime: Bonfires and beer. Favorite book: "The Stand" by Stephen King. Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Guy Fieri. Favorite Band: Tool. Favorite Sports Team: Baltimore Orioles. Favorite Movie: Se7en.


John Frealing

Inside Sales, Parts Sales